Fresh Zentangle Patterns​

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of free zentangle patterns available on this site. You are free to view them, read them and use the patterns in all your projects. But, please don’t copy, sell on t-shirts, or distribute any of my art for your financial gain. Everything here can be drawn freehand so copy what you see with your hand and improve your skill and confidence. Below are links to the various pattern repositories hosted on this web site. Its a work in progress and I am constantly creating more. Enjoy!


Pattern Posts Archive

An archive of all the posts about zentangle patterns I have posted to UnicornPoint. Look here for fresh and somewhat random drawing inspiration. ​


Pattern Books

Buy my books directly from Unicorn Point in .pdf form. They are printable and half the price of the Kindle version.


2018 Tablet Patterns

These are zentangle patterns I posted to last year's incarnation of UnicornPoint. There are some really fun patterns in this archive. Do not MISS this archive!


Voynich Manuscript Inspired

I am obsessed with the Voynich Manuscript and from time to time I draw images that are inspired by this book. I am working on simplifying some of the motifs found in this book to make them freehand friendly.


Stars Mini Book

Sometimes stars can be intimidating to draw freehand. But, they don’t have to be perfect to have an impact in your drawings. This is a mini book with instructions and ideas on how to incorporate star patterns into your next drawing.

celtic ring

Forbidden Zentangle Planet

This is my zentangle Pinterest board. There is a ton of inspiration on this board curated from many different sources.