Yuma Foothills Sunset and Sand

yuma foothills sunset

I live in the Yuma, Foothills and I took a weird way home today and I ended up stopping at the edge of the desert to take some close up photos of the sand. I took photos every few steps to see if the sand would be different the further I got from the road. It was. The color shifted from clear to pink and amber the further out into the desert I got. 

It was actually hard to take the photos because the sand was so soft the camera would sink down into the sand from the weight of my hand. As it sinks the magnifying camera goes out of focus. So these photos are a little blurrier than I would like. Still I think they are good enough for you to get an idea of what I saw. 

I finally made it home and took a nap and, as usual, the sun was setting when I woke up. The colors of the sunset echoed the colors in the sand. It is that same pinkish orange. It is so desert and beachy peach. It is the same color set I have been trying to reflect in the necklace set I just created. I don’t know how to express these colors through art. I have become hyper focused on making myself more visible on the web and visible on social media and on sales sites but, I am actually overloaded with creativity.

Since I am finished with creating Dark Celebrations and finished with trying to help it take off, I feel like I can focus on real art. Stuff that is done for pure pleasure. Stuff that hurts when I look at it. I want to do a series of just color and a series of dreams in tea cups. I want to paint some of these magnified images onto canvas. I am so inspired but, I feel like I lack the imagination or freshness to pull off anything really revolutionary. I feel like I am just repeating myself. 

It is so hard for me to create for the sake of trying to make a name but, it is one of my biggest wishes to have someone find one of my pieces in a thrift store and take it to Antiques Roadshow and then they do a piece on me :P. Sad but, true. How do you get to that point? I don’t want to be famous I just want people to say oh that is one of Dawn’s pieces. I want to be identifiable. I don’t want all these paintings and pieces of jewelry to just be obscure and forgotten. 

I live a life that is extremely solitary but, exceedingly satisfying. I have some disappointments sure. I wish some things were different but, for the most part my life is so beautiful that I feel bad for taking as much pleasure in it as I do. I have a job I love although it doesn’t pay much. Its a really good fit. I make art that I love. I sleep outside with my good cats. I have all the music I can want at my fingertips and my entire apartment is an art studio. My family is in pain and hurting but, I am so blissful. Its like I am in a warm dream. I am warm water tumbling over a cliff. I am the sand that is tumbling in that water. I am the spray that the sun shines through as the water hits the earth.

beachy halloween skull necklaces
Yuma Foothills Sunset and Sand
yuma foothills sand