Yuma-Solar.com Website

Year of work: 2019

Description of work:

This website was created for a solar services provider. The website was created with Divi and was the least of the project. The main issue with this project was that it was a migration project. We had to move several sites from one server and house them on our server. The project taught everyone at the company about hidden content. The job originally seemed like it would be a breeze but as we dug deeper we found that was not to be. Part of the job involved email migration and this process was not straight forward. It took weeks to get all the content to come across. For whatever reason, we just couldn't get it all to come down intact. This was one of the hardest projects we ever worked on. I learned so much about the migration process and setting up domain names, add-on sites, changing nameservers, setting up email boxes and forwarding emails as well as configuring email clients. I did not know how to do any of this email stuff before I began this project. It was horrible but, I learned a lot from it. I learned I hate email migration first and foremost. The website wasn't bad though.

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