Safe Foods - Meal Planner

Year of work: 2020

Description of work:

This project taught me so much about custom templates. This is a custom created Wordpress template inside a child theme. The page has two generators that use jQuery to retrieve information from text files. The page also uses a combination of jQuery and Ajax, my very first Ajax use ever, to bring in php functions I created within functions.php file into the child theme template page. The jQuery and Ajax were used to make the buttons that are pressed to display foods from the database for each meal category. I had to also learn how to use Wordpress actions to work with the Ajax. The meals are a custom post type and each custom post type uses custom fields. The food groupings toward the bottom of the page are layed out with a combination of bootstrap and flexbox. I had to have help from the people on the Wordpress StackExchange group. This was the first time I ever really used StackExchange. I have been intimidated by StackExchange because of the down voting system. But, so far so good. I learned how to use their formatting and how to compose questions over there. I'm super psyched I could even do this. I can't wait to learn more.

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