Year of work: 2020

Description of work:

Here is another project that should have been simple but was more than I thought it would be. So the website is a one page website that was created for a fictitious political party called The Print Party. I researched long and hard on Joe Biden's Wordpress website and a lot of this landing page was based on his page. The thing about this project were the articles that went with it. The Print Party website was part of a larger project which detailed what it would take to launch a successful marketing campaign for a political candidate from the view point of a print and design company. I had to write companion SEO strong articles on the main site and lead them off to the Print Party website which in turn funneled them into a third site where they could buy print services. So you start on the design website reading the article and end up on the project example website and end up finally on the printing site. I had to create every product mockup in the SEO articles and write all the content and do the SEO work. So a lot of different skills were required for this project. It pulled together a lot of things I have learned over the past year. It was almost like a final project.

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