Learning Arduino

Year of work: 2020

Description of work:

I am auditing a Mini Masters program on Edx.org on the IoT. Part of this course requires an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. I haven't actually been able to get to the IoT Sensors and Devices class yet because it begins at the end of May but, I have done a few other classes. Meanwhile, I have been tinkering with Arduino. I finally got the LCD screen to work. That was a heck of a wiring challenge. Once I got the prototype running, I was able to use some of the existing code programs that from the LiquidCrystal examples. I learned how to draw a cat in binary code! I'm dying. I can't wait til my grand-kid comes over. I will get him to draw me some more things on the grid and I will show him how to code them in. This was an awesome project and it really pushed my envelope. I included a link on the web development resources page to the site where you can make grid drawings of custom characters.

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