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Year of work: 2020

Description of work:

Since I first began attempting to self publish books I've had issues. My books are best served in print form but, the cost of print on demand books is very expensive. My books were not meant to be cost heavy. I have finally learned enough about e-commerce and formatting books to be able to self publish books on my own website. I can just put books out for sale whenever I want in .pdf format. People can print pages if they need to. This means I can create books with worksheets and journaling areas. I have a lot of ideas for different printable projects, zentangle drawing exercises, therapeutic drawing exercises and drawing prompts that would be a lot better if a person could print them out instead of just having to rely on Kindle. I can also lower and that makes me feel a lot better. My books are meant to be on the fly tools to be downloaded as in the moment of need kind of inspiration. I'd rather them be free but, I have to have income. I'm so glad I've come to a point where I'm able to do all this now.

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