Getting Started with Web Development

Over the last year I have discovered some web development tools and websites that I use all the time. These aren’t super high tech programming resources. This is for your everyday WordPress or web developer or someone just learning the trade. My bachelors degree taught me just enough code to understand what is going on. I think I’m going to be learning to code forever. I’m going to keep adding to this list as I discover more life saving resources.

Web Development Links

Beginner Dev Resources

View a list of SOME of the resources I have used over the past year to get up and rolling as a web developer. Most of them are free. Don't underestimate the need for graphic design skills.​

GitHub Profile

I haven't used this in a while. We used GitKraken for the intern job I worked. But, there are a few things including some of my old MUD area files.

LinkedIn Profile

In case anyone is looking for a web developer. I am good with HTML, CSS, WordPress, Elementor and I am learning PHP and WordPress development.

My Personal Projects

This is stuff I make for practice and for fun. Here you can find tutorials I've completed and things that I coded myself. I am going to list this in chronological order from newest to oldest.