The Soup Recipe


This is for a big pot of soup – its usually cooked in a crock pot all day long. It can be cooked on the stove fine just make sure the onions and squashes are cooked soft.

The Bare Minimum

A Yellow Onion
Can of kidney beans (drained)
Can of Garbanzo beans/chick peas (drained)
2-3 cans diced tomatoes/rotel (not drained)
(1/2 a bag – a bag) Mixed frozen veggies (peas,carrots, corn, limas, green beans)
4-6 cups of water

(optional/seasonal mixins – frozen cut okra, corn, hominy, black beans, white beans, limas, diced sweet peppers, zukes, yellow squash)
(variation – cabbage – no okra, no hominy, add chopped cabbage and maybe some corn, use thicker chunky diced tomatoes)
(variation – mexican – make sure some of the tomatoes are rotel, add a taco seasoning packet, use hominy, use a bit of corn, use pintos and kidneys for the beans, a bit of diced sweet peppers)

Required Spice

A lot of salt – salt to taste
A lot of italian spices
Chili powder

Optional Spice

Crushed red pepper to taste
louisiana cajun seasoning to taste

Additional Notes

You could add rice, barley, noodles and such BUT you have to cook it in a separate pot and then add it in right before you serve the soup. The pasta and rice sometimes dissolve in the soup after hours of cooking.