2018 Tablet Zentangle Patterns

Last year I got two drawing tablets: one for me and one for my husband. I went nuts for a while using mine to draw patterns. It really pushed the boundaries of what I could do with zentangle drawing. I love these patterns and I was going to do a bunch every month and have monthly archives of the patterns. Then, my life exploded. Things did not work out well for the last incarnation of the UnicornPoint WordPress installation. In the past 12 months, I have learned so much about web development and WordPress development in particular that I killed and remade my website like four times. I also moved across country to Yuma, AZ from Fargo, ND. I completely started my life over and so the monthly pattern archive fell into the void. Well, I’m getting more settled into my new life and I’m getting back into my art and my books and I grabbed all these patterns off my laptop and put them on my development computer. This whole project was supposed to be a wind down before bed kind of ritual. I really want to continue it and I hope I can.

The Square Shaped Gallery

The Border Gallery