Safe Meals – Meal Planner Finished


When I first started school, the first project I knew I wanted to create was a safe meals generator. Where I could enter foods into a database and pull out meals that were under 500 calories. I finally finished that project. I really like how it turned out. I wasn’t looking for something complicated. Just something that would pull safe, on-track meals out of a hat basically. This one has more functionality than I ever thought it would.

Stir Fry

The page combines Jquery, Bootstrap, Ajax, HTML, CSS and PHP to give it functionality. I worked with a ton of new stuff. The category buttons bring up meals based on custom fields that are chosen on the back end of WordPress. I added a custom post type “meal” so you can just create new meals and give them an image and different attributes.

There are also a couple of generators that are pulling from text files to provide randomly generated tips and activities. The activities come from a list of activities you can do if you are bored or depressed. I can’t find the list again but it was a great list. There are around 300 items on this list. I’ll add more if I think of it.

happy apple

I’m hoping this new app will help me stay on track with meal planning. Its definitely not dong me much good during this stressful time of Corona Virus outbreak when there is nothing in the stores except off flavored pizza rolls and cheese crackers. But, I’m hoping the supply chain will be back on track in the next week or so. Maybe that is wishful thinking. These are unusual times. But, I am really glad I got this project done. I’m proud of myself for asking on StackExchange for help when I was stuck with the WordPress specific stuff.