I am an emotional eater. I am creating this page to help me plan my meals and stay on track. Every meal on this page is under 500 calories. This page allows you to generate fast, easy options based on various factors. For instance, you can generate foods that are alcoholic, basic or emergency. For me, emergency type foods are ones that I can eat to avoid disaster and then maybe go to sleep and reset myself. I get very tired and very stressed and make bad choices. Emergency foods are meant to help mitigate that. There are also two other random generators on the page. There is one generator for random diet tips, facts, mantras and motivation and a second for generating activities that are pleasurable to help manage boredom and depression.

Note: This page is best when viewed on desktop but, can be viewed from a phone.

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Diet Help and Inspiration

Are you bored or unhappy?

Keep It Light

Halo Top Ice Cream and Fruit

A pint of Halo Top ice cream that is < (320) calories and a piece of fresh fruit or a cup of frozen fruit (100).

420 calories

Two Eggs and a Fruit

Two eggs (160) cooked however you want if you use butter spray and a piece of fruit (100).

260 calories

A Bagel with Butter

A bagel with light butter is usually under 300 calories.

300 calories

On Track

Hominy, Rotel and Cheese

One can of hominy (210), one can of rotel (60), and a piece of light cheese (40).

310 calories

Grits, Eggs and Cheese

2 packs of gritz (200), 2 fried or scrambled eggs (160), and a piece of velveeta cheese (45).

405 calories

Chik on English Muffin

A Boca Chik patty (130), an english muffin (150), sugar free syrup (15) and a piece of fruit (100).

395 calories

Cup of Noodles and Veggies

A cup of ramen noodles (290) and a cup of frozen veggies (100).

390 calories

Guac Toast and Eggs

2 pieces of light bread (100), 4 tbs guac (100), tomato (25), 2 eggs (160).

385 calories

Macaroni, Peas and Boca

A cup of macaroni and cheese (220), a half cup of peas and carrots (40), 2 pieces of light bread (100), one boca burger (100).

460 calories

Rice, Rotel and Cheese

Rice cup (220), Rotel can (75), Velveta slice cheese (50).

345 calories

Fill Me Up

A Large Salad

As many salad greens and tomatoes as you want (<100), 2 eggs (160), dressing (100), and a handful of croutons (40).

400 calories

Rice, Veggies and Egg Stir Fry

A cup of rice (220), half a bag of stir fry veggies (200) and an egg or a little tofu (80), soy sauce and seasoning. Saute in butter spray.

500 calories

Oatmeal With Fruit and Eggs

2 bags of instant oatmeal (200), 1 cup of fruit (100) and 2 eggs (160). You might need a nap after eating this.

460 calories

A Salad With Eggs

A large bowl of salad vegetables (150), 2 tbs of light dressing (100), a few croutons (40), and 2 eggs (160).

450 calories

Mashed Potatoes and Mushrooms

A bag of buttery or cheese mashed potatoes (440) and a can of mushrooms (25).

465 calories

Chik Sandwich With Guac and Soup

Boca Chik Patty (130), 2 light bread (100), tomato (25), 2 tbs guac (50), and progresso soup (200). This one is 505 calories but I'm doing it anyway. Go light on the guac.

505 calories

Soup, Yogurt and Fruit

Soup (200), Yogurt (100), a piece of fruit (100).

500 calories

Food Coma

Knorr Vegetable Soup With Rice

This meal is for a huge pot of Knorr Vegetable soup with a small amount of parboiled rice. The soup is 120 calories for the pot and the parboiled rice is 190 calories for 1/4 cup dry rice.

310 calories

Knorr Sopa

Knorr Sopa is a Mexican style tomato and noodle soup. Each 50 cent package creates 4 cups of soup. This makes a very large pot of soup that is extremely light on calories. It is a great diet aid.

360 calories

A Whole Pineapple

A whole fresh pineapple. It can make your mouth sore though.

452 calories

A Watermelon Feast

A cup of watermelon is (50) calories a cup so you could have 10 cups for 500 calories. Add Tajin to this to make it awesome.

500 calories

Five Light Beers

You can have 5 Light beers if they are under 100 calories each. Mic Ultra is under 100 calories.

500 calories

Soup and Pineapple

Progresso Soup (200) and a can of pineapples in juice (300).

500 calories

Seven Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks are very inexpensive and when the stress is high its best to just grab a few drinks and take a nap and come back to life when your appetite is under control. You can have up to 7 mixed drinks made with plain liquors and diet mixer for 490 calories but, please don't.

490 calories

About This Project

This project taught me so much about custom templates. This is a custom created Wordpress template inside a child theme. The page has two generators that use jQuery to retrieve information from text files. The page also uses a combination of jQuery and Ajax, my very first Ajax use ever, to bring in php functions I created within functions.php file into the child theme template page. The jQuery and Ajax were used to make the buttons that are pressed to display foods from the database for each meal category. I had to also learn how to use Wordpress actions to work with the Ajax. The meals are a custom post type and each custom post type uses custom fields. The food groupings toward the bottom of the page are layed out with a combination of bootstrap and flexbox. I had to have help from the people on the Wordpress StackExchange group. This was the first time I ever really used StackExchange. I have been intimidated by StackExchange because of the down voting system. But, so far so good. I learned how to use their formatting and how to compose questions over there. I'm super psyched I could even do this. I can't wait to learn more.