Recent Projects Timeline

I am constantly working on projects of all types. This timeline will contain the five most recent projects across all my project categories. If I’m proud to have done a project, if it really pushed my skills or if its something I think people will be interested in I will post it under my recent works.

Recent Projects

Click here to view the entire archive of the recent projects. See what I’ve been up to for the last few years.

Goals for 2020

My my personal, artistic and professional goals for 2020. Here’s what I hope to accomplish best case scenerio.

Page Info: This particular page is part of a series of projects where I am learning how to use the Gutenberg editor. Some content on this website is created not only to bring information to the public but, to help me learn different technologies. This is my first page truly created with Gutenberg. It is a lot different than Elementor and Divi which are the page builders I have used in the past. I see Gutenberg only has 2 stars in the reviews and I want to find out why. I also want to find out what free block add-ons are available for Gutenberg and whether or not it is robust enough to create commercial websites. I have to admit so far it does not quite stack up with other WYSIWYG editors. There would have to be a lot of custom CSS to make this work right. Most of the blocks I find useful are from the Ultimate Gutenberg Add-ons plugin and those are not core blocks. But, people worked hard on this and I bet its better than it seems at first glance.