Magnified Bougainvillea

bougainvillea magnified

Here are some more microscopic photos. This time I went in close on the Bougainvillea plants outside the apartment. I also learned that they were actually Bougainvilleas. I had suspected it but, I never actually looked it up. I am in the foothills of Yuma, AZ and these things are everywhere. These bushes have massive thorns and pink flowers. Inside the pink flowers are small white flowers. So when you see the white flowers remember they are smaller than a dime for sure. 

The tiny green and pink object is a bud for a new flower I think. It was small and hairy and cute. The leaves were not as spectacular but, up close they have an interesting skin-like texture. I’m happy with how these turned out though. I’ll have to do more flowers. Come to think of it I’m surprised I can do this in October. If this was North Dakota I would not be taking photos of flowers that’s for sure. Well unless they were mums for sale in the stores or something. Which is a thought. Maybe I could take some photos of “fall” type flowers and get festive.