I am Working on My Book Cover

I am Working on My Book Cover Art

I think I am going to call this book Fast Freehand Fills – Dark Celebrations. Three out of the four sections in this book are holidays that focus around the darker holidays like Dia de los Muertos, Halloween and Samhain. I have thrown in a fourth section that is just about Goth culture. This isn’t a celebration as in a holiday but, Goth culture is a celebration of the dark. I feel like these things are all lumped together into one bundle. Each one of these celebrations has a different mindset behind it and while they do share some of the same iconography the meaning behind the imagery is sometimes different. The wheel has a different meaning in Samhain art than it does in Dia de los Muertos art.

Anyways I’m trying to come up with a cover for this book and I haven’t come up with anything spectacular yet. The fact that I have started using Redbubble isn’t helping either. The artists on Redbubble have insane artistic and creative talents. I know I should not compare myself to other people but, I will create a cover and then end up browsing Redbubble’s art and feel like the cover is no longer as ‘cool’ as I thought it was.

Fast Freehand Fills was never about the end result though. My art is therapy art and its not all about that end result. Zentangle art is about the journey. Sometimes you do create some really exquisite art in the process of zen drawing but, mainly its about drawing with intention or just that stream of consciousness flow. To me zen drawing is about the use of symbolism to express ideas, feelings or an overall aesthetic. This type of drawing is about self expression and overcoming your fear of creating because you feel you are not a good enough artist.

More anyways, I’m gonna post the covers here as I create them. Who knows what the final one will end up being.

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