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Date retrieved: 2019-08-21

Fast Freehand Fills Vol. 2
Cultural Flair


Do you love zen drawing but end up using the same 20 patterns again and again? The Fast Freehand Fills series can help. Cultural Flair Part 1 is book 2 in the Fast Freehand fills series and it catalogs a series of patterns, fills and motifs used in various world cultures including; Africa, Egyptian, Mayan, Indian and Polynesian.Always have a fresh fill on hand with this catalog of basic fills and patterns. The Fast Freehand Fills series provides zen expressionists with a repertoire of found and unique basic patterns that are easy to draw freehand. Indian florals, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Polynesian tribal motifs and African borders are all waiting inside this catalog of fills. Great for zen drawing, mandalas and artistic journaling.