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Books and Patterns

Available Pattern Books

There are four books of patterns available for sale on Amazon as Kindle books. The Stars Mini Book is additional content available on this site. I will be adding new patterns on this site periodically.

Fast Freehand Fills

The Fast Freehand Fills series is are catalogs of patterns from various sources that can be used when creating Zentangle style drawings. Each volume is available for sale on Amazon for Kindle. Updated versions with new sections will also be available on this site.

New Content

I love these books but, I don’t love reformatting books for Kindle. New content will be added here on this blog. The “Stars Mini Book” is an example of this. There is also an additional section for “Cultural Flair” that will be available only online called “Andean Borders”.

Mindful Mandalas

This book is a little bit different from the “Fast Freehand Fills” series. It teaches you how to create simple mandalas that require internal focus and intention. Each mandala is like a prayer sent out into the universe. Secret symbols and meaningful colors can be embedded into your projects to help you focus on aspects of your life you’d like to improve.

Basic and Found Fills

View the first volume in the series.

Cultural Flair

Check out this book of patterns from around the world.

The Natural World

This book was inspired by anatomy and nature.

Mindful Mandalas

Draw a mandala everyday to better focus on your goals.

Stars Mini Book

Learn to become comfortable drawing freehand stars.

Cultural Flair Add-on

This is a small add-on for Fast Freehand Fills volume 2. It was inspired by South American pottery and textiles.