Hi, I'm Dawn.

Right now it is January in 2020. New year new me. Am I right? This year, like last year, I have a lot going on. I graduated from college with a BS in computer science last March. I sold my home in Fargo, ND and moved across the country to Yuma, AZ last June. I arrived to find out that massage does not pay here what it did in North Dakota. Neither does web development. Yuma’s economy threw a wrench in my solid plan.

So, what ended up happening was I got a local junior web developer job. It does not pay much compared to what I’m used to but, I am gaining experience in my field and I learn something fantastic everyday. I am working as a WordPress Developer. I didn’t see that coming. I work with block editors, CSS and PHP for the most part. I am also beginning to work with the Adobe Suite. I am learning Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I am making money while I learn these things. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am about all this. I feel like I’m swimming in creative tech tools all day. I feel like I am making a full living as an artist. I am also a member of the Littlewood Fine Art Co-op and I’m taking a few classes a month at Jan’s bead addiction. 

Things did not turn out like I wanted them to financially in Yuma but, I am literally living my dream and I’m not broke so I think I’m just going to ride this wave.

I have a lot of things, like jewelry, paintings and cards for sale over at the Littlewood Fine Art Co-op. Stop in and support your local artists.

Stephen and I in Salt Lake City, Utah. I've literally done everything with this man.
This is my brat cat Pepper.