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Date retrieved: 2019-08-21

New Name Generator

I Create a Name Generator Last Night

I am watching a Udemy course on PHP. The class went over arrays and forms and I wanted to cement some of the topics that were covered in the lesson. The course also referred me to a php site called where I learned about a function called shuffle. It lets you shuffle arrays. I thought this type of project would be ideal for learning how to use that function. The hardest part about this project was getting the if statements right. I had trouble understanding when to use isset and when not to. I don't know how to debug PHP yet. The errors just kept giving me line 1 in the file. I haven't been able to make sense of the debugger process or applications that are used for finding errors in your code. That's something I really need to find. I am happy with how this project turned out though. I might do another one. Like warrior names or something. I know there are a million of these but, it is fun to do.

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