Gold - 1499.65-0.20
Silver - 17.110.53
Platinum - 856.001.06
Palladium - 1492.00-0.13
Date retrieved: 2019-08-21

Complete Update

I deleted my entire site and am starting over from the ground up. I am learning how to develop for WordPress and how to use Elementor. I’m hoping I will gain some skills I previously didn’t have before this project. I am still looking for a full time web developer job. What I am finding is that I am not quite there yet. I have this plethora of mid level skill sets and because of that I am a master of nothing. So, from here on out I will be focusing on 3 things. UI design, PHP and WordPress development. That’s it. There are so many other interesting paths I could take but, I can’t just keep hopping around or I will never get any deep level skills. So from here on out expect to see a lot of things involving front end design, WordPress stuff and PHP programming.

I am also doing a lot of work to update and showcase my books. I have a few pages up and running already. Now that I have moved to Yuma and am all settled in, I can start making new patterns again. I’ve got my tablet set up and ready to go. Now I just have to have a place for new patterns to land. My life has been such a mess since April. I can’t believe the massive upheaval we are just emerging from. I still am unsure whether or not I am happy with the move. The economy is very different in Yuma and it is SO hot. I hear it will cool off in a few weeks though. I hope it does.

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