I Am a Visual Artist

Check Out My Books

I have 4 E-books available on Amazon with Zentangle patterns and mandala ideas. Check them out!

My artwork and projects

If you are interested in seeing my art, I have a gallery of my drawings, paintings, jewelry and other projects at DeviantArt.​

...and a Web Developer

Codepen Profile

I work on a lot of little things over here. I practice tutorials and make pieces of websites. Its interesting to look at.

GitHub Profile

I haven't used this in a while. We used GitKraken for the intern job I worked. But, there are a few things including some of my old MUD area files.

LinkedIn Profile

In case anyone is looking for a web developer. I am good with HTML, CSS, WordPress, Elementor and I am learning PHP and WordPress development.

My Personal Projects

This is stuff I make for practice and for fun. Here you can find tutorials I've completed and things that I coded myself. I am going to list this in chronological order from newest to oldest.

I Am Also a Massage Therapist

Schedule a Massage

Are you in the Yuma Foothills area and totally stressed out and not feeling your best? A massage can help that. You can schedule a massage with me at Foothills Massage. Click below to visit their site.