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Welcome to UnicornPoint the official home page of Dawn Summerall. You can find information about Dawn, her books and her art here and get lots of free patterns and inspiration for your projects. There are two main resources for patterns on this site. The books page which contains several older versions of her books online and the patterns page which has links to various different pattern vaults on this site.

I am a web developer in Yuma Arizona

Codepen Profile

I work on a lot of little things over here. I practice tutorials and make pieces of websites. Its interesting to look at.

GitHub Profile

I haven't used this in a while. We used GitKraken for the intern job I worked. But, there are a few things including some of my old MUD area files.

LinkedIn Profile

In case anyone is looking for a web developer. I am good with HTML, CSS, WordPress, Elementor and I am learning PHP and WordPress development.

My Personal Projects

This is stuff I make for practice and for fun. Here you can find tutorials I've completed and things that I coded myself. I am going to list this in chronological order from newest to oldest.